Jason Aldean Expects His 10th Album To Be Finished In March 2021

Jason Aldean is busy working on his 10th studio album. He's been sharing some photos from the studio, but this morning he came by The Bobby Bones Show to talk about his new music and many other things.

As for when fans can expect new music, Aldean shared that they're just trying to get a jump on the next album right now. He said normally they have to coordinate with their touring schedule, but since that's not the case with the pandemic they're trying to get songs done now. In his recent studio sessions this week, Aldean shared they cut 8 songs. All of it was just tracking, but he plans to go back in the studio this November to record everything. They plan to have the album done by around March, but Aldean isn't sure when the album will be released for fans.

Aldean has had a lot of big hits, his most streamed songs include "You Make It Easy," "Dirt Road Anthem," and "Burnin It Down." He's continuing to put new music out, but that hasn't stopped him from pursuing other opportunities. He always wanted to have his own record label so he started one and named it Night Train. His first signed artist was his good friend Tyler Farr, and they're set to sign another new artist John Morgan here soon. When asked by Bobby Bones about advice to give to artists pursuing a music career, he shared that they have to have a combination of things like a unique voice, and a knack for picking or writing songs that perfectly fit them.

As for life outside of music, Aldean opened up about his new house all over social media. He said they built the house to be perfectly useful. He continued by sharing that they didn't build any rooms that weren't useful because he wanted the whole house to be of use. His kids are loving it, he added that they like to call their daughter Navy "The Bandit" because if anything is laying around the house, she'll steal it and get rid of it.

Not only is Aldean known for his adorable family, he is also famously known for all of his tattoos. He shared that he was 19-years-old when he got his first tattoo in Macon, Georgia. He went into the tattoo shop Ink Wizard and picked out a random tattoo on the wall. It was a Pitbull with green eyes, but that tattoo has since been covered up. He didn't want to keep it in his adult years. As for his wife Brittany, Aldean shared that she has a few small tattoos. Last time his tattoo guy came to the house, she almost got another one, but then chickened out at the last minute.

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