Weird News

Video Captures New Hampshire Man Dousing Police Cruiser With...
Creepy Clowns Are Delivering Donuts To People This Month
Photographer Gets Pic Of Baboon Holding Baby Just Like In The Lion King
Man Accused of Groping Woman on Flight Cites President Trump
Bride Will Pay $20,000 For Someone To Make This Creepy/Sweet...
Mom-To-Be Unsure About Name For Daughter Since Her Initials...
Bridezilla Admits To Secretly Fattening Up Her Bridesmaids...
Study Suggests Not Exercising Enough Worse Than Smoking, Diabetes
Man Steals Car From Jail Parking Lot After Being Released From Prison
Mega Millions, Powerball Combined Jackpots Reach $2.2 Billion
Giant Inflatable Colon Stolen From University of Kansas Cancer Center
10 Things More Likely to Happen to You Than Winning The Mega Millions


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