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The latest in weird, odd, strange and bizarre news from around the world.

David Hasselhoff's Daughter Has Grown Up And Is A Plus-Size...
Group of Women on Inflatable Rainbow Unicorn Rescued From...
Paris Jackson Underwent Surgery For Condition That Could've Killed Her
Mom Suspects Boyfriend Is Planning To Kill Her Son, But He's...
Naked Woman Runs From 'Giant Spider' After Allegedly Taking Crack, Meth
Carjacking Suspect Thwarted By Herd Of Cows
Why August 8th Matters In Rock History
Police: Man Takes 2-Year-Old Son Along For Mini-Crime Spree
Mother Who Looks Same Age As Daughter Leaves Internet Shook
Sleeping More Than Eight Hours a Night Increases Likelihood of...
Seattle Space Needle Now Has See-Through Floor To Terrify You
Mystery Meteor Causes 2.1 Kiloton Explosion Near US Military Base


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