Reba McEntire Gives Another Taste of Upcoming Album With New Song "Freedom"


Reba McEntire has given fans another taste of her upcoming new album Stronger Than The Truth with her latest single "Freedom."

"Freedom," written by Jay Brunswick, Tommy Cecil, Jaida Dreyer and John Pierce, follows Reba's previously-released songs from her forthcoming record, which includes "No U In Oklahoma," "Storm In A Shot Glass," "In His Mind," "Tammy Wynette Kind of Pain," and the title track "Stronger Than The Truth."

While speaking to Bobby Bones this week about her new music, the country icon explained of her new song, "It's an anthem. And at first, I thought, man, this is a very patriotic song, but really, it's not. It's a love song. This woman has been through a lot of bad times. She was looking for love and never found it in the right places, and then she finds the perfect person, and it's a celebration."

Reba McEntire

Reba also opened up about the stories behind her other new songs "No U In Oklahoma" and "In His Mind." She explains of "No U In Oklahoma":

"Donna McSpadden is the wife of Clint McSpadden, who was the man who let me sing the national anthem at the National Finals Rodeo in Oklahoma City in 1974. I met Red Steagall there during that time. Eleven months later, I have a recording contract with Polygram Mercury. So, Donna, several years ago, she emails me and says, 'Reba, I've got a great idea for a song for you.' And I said, 'Okay, what is it?' She said, 'There's no U in Oklahoma, and that's OK with me.' I went, 'Man, that's a great idea.' So I gave it to Kelly Clarkson. I gave it to Ronnie Dunn, I gave it to my niece, Autumn McEntire and I said, 'Guys, help me write this song.' Well, nobody ever got back to me. So we were all down in Cancun, Mexico, and Ronnie was there, and he started playing on his guitar, riffing a little bit. And he said, 'Hey, I think I got an idea for this song, There's No U In Oklahoma.' Well, nothing ever happened with it, until this album. And I told Jim and everybody that I wanted to do a real, traditional country album. Something like I grew up with. 'Cause we played bar, well, dance halls more than bar rooms; but, where they danced. And they danced in a round oval pattern. And so Western swing, two-stepping, waltzes, and I said, 'This would be perfect.' So I played it for Buddy Cannon, my producer. Oh, this is even worse. After Ronnie had written his version, I was leaving a wedding in Palm Springs, and I just wrote, 'There's No U In Oklahoma.' So I send Buddy Cannon my version, and he said, 'Hmm, no. I'm gonna pass on that.' And I didn't tell him I wrote it. And then, I found Ronnie's version in my computer, and I sent it to him a week or two later. And he said, 'Oh, I love this.' And I thought, well, okay. Now we know who the professional songwriter is, it's Ronnie Dunn. So, we recorded it. And so Donna McSpadden, Ronnie, and I wrote the song."

Meanwhile, while talking about "In His Mind," she revealed, "I had the idea of this song when my little sister Susie was announcing her engagement to Mark Eaton, her second husband. And I thought, wonder what Paul, her first husband, is thinking now in his mind. And I went to Liz Hengber and Tommy Lee James, and I said, 'Guys, what do you think about this song?' And we wrote it. It's real sad."

Stronger Than The Truth is set to be released on April 5th — just a mere few days before she hosts this year's ACM Awards.

Reba McEntire


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