I love traveling! I would travel somewhere every time I had some free time, but the cost keeps me from doing that. I was so excited to come across this. Some may work for you and some may not but it's a handy dandy list to check when you are wanting to make plans! I've already been fortunate enough to visit Canada, Mexico, Ireland, France, Germany, Austria & Switzerland. I've love to go to Italy, Australia & England!

Someone dug through all the stats from travel site Booking.com and came up with the list of cheapest places to travel to each month. 

Cheapest Places to Travel to Each Month

In May . . . Fort Lauderdale or London.

In June . . . San Antonio or Beijing.

In July . . . Boston or Sydney, Australia.

In August . . . New York or Berlin.

In September . . . Orlando or Rome.

In October . . . New Orleans or Cape Town, which is in South Africa.

In November . . . San Francisco or Rio de Janeiro in Brazil.

In December . . . Las Vegas or Frankfurt, Germany.

In January . . . Los Angeles or Melbourne, Australia.

In February . . . Honolulu or Hong Kong.

In March . . . Flagstaff, Arizona, or Buenos Aires in Argentina. 

In April. . . Chicago or Denmark